Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What makes a successful day?

I'm turning into a very accomplishment-oriented kind of girl. This is new for me in the past few years. I may have mentioned in some past post my tendency to make lists to cross things off. And my tendency to put already-finished things on that list so I can cross something off before I start.

So what makes a day successful? Crossing off everything. And then adding other things I've done, just to feel the joy of crossing some more.

Write: check. Met the goal and landed on a happy number. Just for fun.

Walk: check. Plus, half of it was a jog. Not a beautiful thing to watch, but a good burner of calories and adipose tissue.

Shower: check. (See? I knew I had to do it anyway, so on the list it goes.)

Shop: check. Not for much things fun, but plenty of produce and one box of happiness for Husband's anniversary present.

Clean Kitchen: check.

Clean bathrooms: check (done by kids, hooray.)

Nap: check. Only 20 minutes, though. Do you find yourself disgusted by me? Sorry.

Return phone calls: nope. Put it on today's list.

Return emails: check.

Return library books: check. (Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks and Nobody's Princess - both 4 stars.)

Study: check.

Family Night: check, by passing most of it off to Kid 1.

Play with Kids: check. A rousing game of Imaginiff... (with very few huffy breaths and only two incidents of violence.)

Movie Date with Husband: check. Joined by Kids 1 and 2 because, why not?

So yesterday was a success, and we'll see how things go today. I need to make a list now...

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  1. I'm not disgusted by your 20 minute nap. I'm jealous...but not disgusted!


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