Friday, June 19, 2009

Tough Guy

Husband came home late from basketball. Usually when he plays that long (from 5.30 - 7.00) he looks a lot... wetter. And smells, well, gross. Today he didn't. He came in looking only a little embarrassed.

I said, "How was it?" like a good wife, and he smiled and shrugged.

Uh-oh. "Did you get hurt?*"

Nod. I look. No obvious broken bones, no limping**. But something funny on his face.

"Um. Six stitches."

Will you think I am World's Worst Wife when I confess that I laughed? I only laughed a little, and mainly out of relief, because - you know - it could have been worse.

[DETAILS COMING -PLEASE IGNORE IF YOU HATE THIS STUFF] He crashed heads with a bald guy named Troy (real name, but he doesn't know his last name. Only that he has a head like a bowling ball). His skin split open right between his eye and his eyebrow. The cut is long enough that if it were open, it would probably be about the size of a quarter. Ick. But the doc stitched him up (at the end of his 36 hour shift - and that could have been worse, too) and he's off to work.

Poor baby.

But I'd rather have him stitched, bleeding, broken or sprained than deal with him when he has a cold. Or, heaven forbid, the stomach flu.

I'm just saying, the bigger the man, the bigger the baby.

*This is the guy who once played six games of volleyball on a broken wrist because he didn't want to inconvenience his date (who was not me).

** Did I mention playing basketball on a sprained ankle?


  1. Ouch. (but the ending comment was hilarious. True...but hilarious all the same!!)

  2. My hubby played basketball with the youth and church and could hardly move the next day. He'd thrown his back out.

    I tried not to giggle. Really I did.

  3. My husband refuses to play basketball because he says he gets hurt every other time he plays and since he didn't get hurt the last time he played, he's due for an accident. I think it's funny.


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