Friday, June 26, 2009

Long lists

I love long, specific lists of things I need to accomplish. Because I feel so ... accomplished when I've crossed them all off. And I do cross. No subtle check-marking for me. Nice, thick line through the job.*

Today's list is long. I intend to enlist (I can't even think of another word, but why hide my nerdy pun-side?) all the troops to get it all finished. And then, a reward. I will leave them for a few hours of early-evening peace (mine) and they can watch a movie and eat popcorn.

Seems like a very fair arrangement, I have to say.

*I still have to be able to read what it said, though, so I can congratulate myself again and again on all the little things I've managed to do.


  1. I need to start making lists. I never feel like I get anything done, until i stop and think back of the small things that have taken up my time. I hope your enlisted troops will battle that list and win you the early-evening peace you deserve.

  2. I love lists. Sharp pencils, dull minds and all that.

    Glad you're enlisting help. It's good for you and them. =]

  3. I get depressed by To Do lists so I started writing Done Lists. Included were such items as - Did not hurt any small people. - Stayed moderately sane. And so on . . .


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