Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kid 3!

Little Princess, you are a delight.

You have the strongest personality in this whole houseful of personalities. Your eyes, so beautiful, are full of light and sparkle.

You are not only a school-smartie, but you know things. You have a sensitivity to things unspoken and unspeakable. You understand people, and recognize their motivations. You create and carry out plans - devious and benign - to get the things you want. I pray that this talent stays with you (along with the proper compass, which should keep you out of trouble - and jail).

You love to laugh - sometimes just to hear the sound in your own ears.

Enjoy this extra-special birthday. Laugh it up. Listen to the whispers. Let the lights shine.

I love you.


  1. Wow. She really does have beautiful eyes.

  2. She's gorgeous, apparently inside as well.

  3. Happy birthday to your sparkling girl! (And happy birthday to Jana too!)

  4. What a beautiful, beautiful daughter you have. Happy Birthday to her. This is a wonderful, beautiful thing you've written to her.


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