Thursday, June 25, 2009

Busy Week

This week is a little bit crazy. Not that it's anyone's fault but my own, mind. I'm not blaming circumstance. I could have been well on top of all this work that needs to be done. I just chose to do other things instead. Things like read. And write. And nap in the sun.

So I'm sort of taking a day off today. To normal people this will look like a work day. I've already cleaned out a closet (gag) and re-filed all the sheet music (left over from my mom's musicality - I just had to keep it, you know?). Now I mow the lawn (my favorite chore, really) and supervise the kids' organization of the bookshelves (otherwise I won't be able to find Ms. Austen when I need my fix).

Then some baking - zucchini bread (I shredded and froze extras last year, because my garden this year is a long, long way from production) and some muffins to freeze for Saturday's baptism/brunch/family fiesta.

Then Costco. With four kids. Pray for me.

Then a birthday party at the cousins' house (water slide - not mine - and homemade pizzas - all mine) and then home to fall into bed before tomorrow comes. That's when the basement cleanout begins (pray again, if you please).

I well know that were I a woman of character, this would have been done long ago, and on a regular basis. I love people who work that way. I recognize them. I honor them. But I am not one of them. But by Saturday morning, the house will be clean, including behind those pesky bathroom fixtures, there will be plenty of good food to eat, and maybe (maybe) the weeds will be gone, at least from the front walkway.

Just to be on the safe side, let's all say another little prayer, shall we? Thanks, darlings.


  1. Prayers are starting now. The Cosco trip alone deserves many many hours put in on our knees for you. I am the same way though, things don't get done at a fast pace at my place. I HATE weeding. If you get all of your to do list done, I wouldn't mind some help over here :)

  2. That Costco trip is worthy of miracles. I always wait until my hubby is home and I only have 2 kids. You're a braver woman (and better) than I.

  3. I am not even close to being this on top of things. I manage to move enough stuff around that I can't call myself out-and-out crazy, but not enough to actually get things done.

  4. I'm more the furiously clean when company is coming type than the maintain it regularly type so I hugely sympathize. Many prayers and good wishes!


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