Monday, June 1, 2009

It's June!

Word Count Update: 32,000 exactly. I stopped mid-sentence. Not really. I just happened to look at that point, and I'd made my goal for the day. Yeah! The first real day of summer vacation, and I've done one of the things I've set out to do. (That being 1500 words a day.)

Our first Stay-cation was a success. Everyone loved the hike, nobody got too hurt (even with three of us - not me - finding the stinging nettle plants) and there was perfect, gorgeous thundery cloud cover. And husband and I still managed to get out after dinner to a free concert (Peter Breinholt - he's got a fun style, even if all his songs sound exactly the same) and home in time to see Pushing Daisies.

Have I mentioned lately that I never watch TV? I was obviously lying. But I only watch Pushing Daisies and the occasional PBS documentary (like the Jimmy Stewart one they ran last night). And on that third-to-last episode of Pushing Daisies, we heard Emerson say the word "Craptastic" - a family favorite.

Husband informed me that he's been researching what's the proper 15-year anniversary gift theme. He assured me 'tis titanium. As in golf clubs. (He's lying - it's really crystal, as in goblets and candlesticks.) Not a bad idea, though.


  1. Fun, fun...I watched the Jimmy Stewart thing last week...kinda cool. Happy June!

  2. I think craptastic is a great word. As in, "The baby whacked me in my sore jaw last night and now I feel craptastic."


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