Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Funny Kids

This isn't Dad related, but I wouldn't actually have funny children if there wasn't a father around here, right?

So Kids 1 and 2 are planning a secret move. I know this because I shamelessly read their emails. Especially to each other. Turns out Kid 2 is orchestrating a relocation to Cairo.

Let me explain.


Let me sum up.

We have been experiencing a cooler, wetter spring than ever we have had here. So there is a little bit of whining about the weather. Like how Seattle has overtaken the Rocky Mountain region. And now Kid 2 has discovered, by means of that inter-ma-net thingie, that today's high at home is Cairo's overnight low. So she has decided to move there.

And she's invited her big sister.

Who has agreed to save the date of July 14th.


And somewhere in those little heads, they have convinced themselves they will like the food.

I'll be expecting a call around July 15th - a "rescue us, and bring mashed potatoes" kind of call.


  1. The "mashed potatoes" bit was hilarious! (And so true for one of my lil' dudes!)

  2. This is too funny. I love that they are inviting each other on the escape. At least they have family bonds even if they have over confidence in there ability to adjust to Cairo.

  3. I want to thank you for working in a Princess Bride quote. I'll keep watching for those.


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