Tuesday, June 30, 2009

UP redux

I did it again. I went and saw Pixar's UP again yesterday afternoon with my kids. We had the grandparents meet us there, and Kid 4 sat on Grandpa's lap and gave a play-by-play through the first hour. I finally told him to be quiet (because Grandpa certainly wouldn't).

I started to worry a little about halfway into the show that I had maybe oversold it to the grandparents, even though I was fighting tears (at least 4 times - very, extremely, exceptionally rare for me in a movie). I wondered if my claim that this was Pixar's greatest achievement was maybe a little DQ*.

Turns out, not. They loved it like I did. Grandpa's fave? Fenton's. Hooray for kidhood memories, huh? After the show Kids 3 and 4 acted out favorite scenes from the movie and several "UP-isodes" that Husband has on his iPhone ("Hurry up, Russell. Time's healing this wound.") while I made really yummy peach ice cream. Mmm. Ice cream.**

So, if you haven't seen UP yet, and you get the chance, I'm just saying - see it twice.

*You know, Drama Queen
**Occasionally I channel Homer S.


  1. Becca I completely agree with is being such a wonderful movie. Last Thursday I took little girl to go see it. She liked parts of it but she is only 2. I on the other hand LOVED it. However, I was very comforted that the theater was mostly empty and would not see me wiping my tears. It is VERY touching. It still makes me teary eyed to think about it. I would definitely see it again.

  2. I've seen it twice too, and my kids took their grandparents the 2nd time also! We're secret twins!

    Seriously though, I think I cried harder the second time 'round than I did the first. I found so many more golden nuggets that I couldn't help it. My husband I got to sit next to each other this time and we just snuggled and got "teary eyed" (He doesn't cry) together.

    Bravo Pixar!


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