Sunday, June 14, 2009

Father's Week

So this is the week leading up to Father's Day. I will remind you of it now and then, in case you might need to stop blog-reading and hustle over to Amazon or iTunes to buy something for your man/dad/grandpa.

I can sit here, comfortably blogging the day away, because I don't actually need to buy Father's Day presents for Husband. Husband has his own theories about Father's day, which I will detail below.

1: Father's Day is dumb.

1.a: If it's all about being nice and cooking me a meal, how is it different than every other day?
1.b: Presents cost too much money. Don't buy any.

2. If I really want to celebrate, I'll do it by honoring all those people who made me a Father in the first place.

2.a: I'll buy my kids a present, a really cheap one, that I can play with them.
*balsa-wood airplanes
*whiffle golf balls
2.b: I'll make a fabulous french breakfast (you know, french toast?) for all those people.

So Father's Day is a little different around here, and we all like it that way. Except sometimes I want to do something better... something surprising and happy-making.

Stay tuned.


  1. Your hubby sounds pretty darn great. What a beautiful thing to give to the people who "made him a father." I think I might ask mine about that kind of a tradition.

  2. I like the idea of your father's day. Can I come over and visit. lol At least for breakfast. No??? well maybe next year.


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