Monday, June 29, 2009


It's the hair.

Like every other girl who grew up in the 80s, I wanted The Hair. The big, teased, permed, peroxided*, enormous hair. Bangs, feathers, frizz - it was all good.

And I couldn't get it, not really.

I have this really thin, straight hair** that was damaged beyond all reason by nearly a decade of chemical and heat-appliance assistance.

Like many other of my imperfect qualities that I have come to accept***, I'm more okay with my hair these days than I ever have been. It doesn't hurt that the wispy, straight look has been fashionable for a few years.

But I have occasional issues (surprised?) with hair product. For instance: Why does the mousse stop coming out of the bottle all cloudy and soft when it's still three-quarters full? Why, instead, does it land in my hand with a splat like heavy cream? And why, why, do I keep buying hair product that promises "thickening"? Seriously? Do I still, after all these years, believe it? And why, for the love, do I think a product for sale in a grocery store is better than a product sold in a salon? Oh, wait - I know this one. Because cheap = beautiful. Right.

All told, though, I'd rather have some bad hair than none at all. But to those of you who have the step-out-of-the-shower-and-onto-the-runway hair, I hope you know how lucky you are.

*Remember Sun-In? Ack.

**My niece with lots of luscious hair calls mine "paintbrush hair" because of my piddly ponytail.

*** I love being in my 30s!


  1. I have the opposite hair hair is so thick that when it was cut really short, if i didn't put something in it it stood straight out of my I stuck my finger in an outlet....

    In our family we call perfect-do-everything-that-you-want-it-to hair "Dream Magic Hair"...

    if only...and are you saying cheap does NOT equal beautiful?!? I'm going to have to rethink my whole regime now... ;P

  2. I have thin hair and definitely not run-way ready hair so I feel your pain.

  3. I came to loathe my hair to such an extreme that I chopped it all off.

    I may have cackled maniacally as I did so.


    And I LOVE being in my thirties too!

  4. My hair and I have good days and bad. I have a lot of THICK hair. And I call it naturally frizzy. Others may refer to it as naturally curly (when I don't straighten it.) The issue with my hair is I can never just step out of the shower and go. If I want to wear it curly there is the whole mouse, gel, and difusse process. If I want it straight it is the serum, and round brush and flat iron process. Either way it is 20-30 minutes out of my day. I tried cutting it short to cut down dry time. It looked cute, but then I couldn't never have a day off (pony tail day) because it was too short.

    My husband doesn't understand why our shower shelf space contains about 5 different sets of conditioner and shampoos. I guess I'm just still hoping for the miracle product that gives me what Sarah called the Dream Magic Hair.

  5. Oh Becs I feel ya. Paintbrush pony and all.


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