Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy anniversary

Fifteen years ago this morning I woke up really early. Really-really early. And I put on a white dress, and I rode in my parents car for the last time as Primarily Their Kid. When I got back into a car, it was a different car. Much smaller. Much more recently washed and vacuumed. With a brand new husband, and then all of a sudden I was Primarily His Wife.

The world changed that day.

Once someone heard me say that I would have changed everything about my wedding (dramatic, much?) reception. That someone may or may not have been my husband. So I was an idiot then, I'm an idiot now. It helps to recognize me. And in my defense, I meant that I'd change the flowers that were wrong, and the cake that was hideous, and the photographer that was related, and the food that was mostly free.

But I didn't mean I'd change anything about my marriage. Because I married up. I married someone who is kinder than I, who is sweeter than I, who is more sensitive than I. I married a guy who ponders and studies things of eternal significance. I married a guy who thinks family is the most important thing in the world. I got really, really lucky, and I've stayed lucky for fifteen years.

Yeah for marriage.


  1. This is SO BEAUTIFUL! I'm all teary eyed. Seriously! I love to hear when wives appreciate their husbands. I feel the same way, "I married up." My hubby is my world.
    Happiest of Anniversaries to you!!

  2. You were so beautiful that day. I don't remember many receptions, but I remember yours. You looked complete and happy and completely happy.


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