Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So I had a pretty successful writerly morning, getting almost 1000 words before 6.30. When Husband got home from basketball, he asked to hear some. And HE LAUGHED! OUT LOUD! TWICE!! THAT IS A LOT OF CAPITALS! NOT TO MENTION EXCLAMATION POINTS!

So hooray for a success. In writing.

On the parenting front, however, I have 2 disappointed little people. Kids 3 and 4 were expecting to join Kids 1 and 2 on a pre-camp hiking trip. But the hike that was (3-miler) turned into the hike that should have been (fairly grueling 6-miler) and the planners realized that they didn't need my car or my little people along.

So we're nursing our sadness in a game of Wii Indiana Jones.

I think it's working.


  1. My number two can get over anything with the help of yogurt covered raisins.

  2. You are lucky to have such inward confidence to share with your husband. I get nervous and completely frozen and unable to type a word. I sometimes even close my laptop to return at a more private time. I know ridiculous.


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