Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Writing Again

Sort of. Mostly for the past month, I haven't written much longer than a blog post. Ack. It hasn't really been in me. I know, I know... a woman of character writes whether or not she's feeling it. Need we mention, once again, that I am not a woman of character?

But school starts tomorrow, so I got up earlier than usual, made a delicious German Pancake breakfast, and got out a previously-abandoned draft of a novel to peck at. I read it over while breakfast baked, and when it was time to wake the Kids (for the trial run of getting out of bed before nine) I didn't want to leave it.

Wow. Is that fun? Um, yes.

It is totally different for me. A little magical (just a little) and a little spiritual (but not religious*) and fairly formal. Maybe mystical, at least in its first draft. Not funny. Not sarcastic. I wonder, a little, if I can pull it off. But it's also only beginning. I think the draft has 8K words. So there is room to change. And it will, because that's what drafts do. At least they do when I pull them up and read them and write in them.

So tomorrow, when life changes once again, and I have a schedule, I'll pull it out again. I'll write a scene or two or whatever it takes to reach a thousand words. Then in a week or so, it will be twice as long as it is now, and we'll take another look. And then in a month, or two, or three, it will be a messy, dirty, finished first draft. And then it starts all over again.

*Not that there is anything wrong with religious. I am a believer. It's just not what I write.


  1. Your goal is inspiring, I need to get to work too. Have a schedule.

  2. I feel you and now I envy you. I have a third novel that wants to get started but I can't quite find the right hook on which to hang the plot so I hide in revisions instead. Sigh.

  3. I'm very glad you found something that sparkles for you. It makes it fun again. I'm just struggling to give myself permisison to write badly to finish the stupid thing.

  4. Reading this makes me want to write again. And hey, look, I have the time! Wheeee!

    Yay for feeling inspired and excited again!


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