Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A List

So yesterday afternoon while I was mowing the lawn sans iPod, I had brilliant blog-post ideas. They were flowing. Funny ideas, insightful ones, serious and ridiculous ones.

Um, gone.

This is why real writers keep notebooks or carry cards - like those white index cards. Husband does. Unlined 3x5s are his favorites, and he always has a pen with him. Okay, maybe not while mowing the grass, but maybe so. You never know. But that way, when genius strikes and the muse sings, you write it down instead of counting on your brain to hold on to the beautiful ideas.

With the lack of beautiful ideas, I'm going to tell you what's inside my purse. Lucky, lucky you.

The blue scarf is technically tied to the outside, so maybe that doesn't count. Let's go inside.
In the outer pocket:
estee lauder lipstick, #24 in spiced cider*
dramamine, less drowsy formula
mailbox key
orange highlighter with post-it flags inside
altoid smalls, wintergreen flavor - mmmm.

In the inner pocket:
target brand eyedrops
neosporin + pain relief
4 feminine hygiene products
a smashed pack of trident "minty sweet twist" gum, mostly full
7 (200-mg) ibuprophen tablets in a zip-bag (snack sized) for road trips and movies
1 mint that looks pepperminty, but is probably cinnamon, from a restaurant somewhere

Inside the purse itself:
my falling-apart pink wallet (which holds, among other things, my drivers' license, cards from subway, america first c.u., costco, library, health insurance, macy's {that one's a gift card}, ann taylor, discover, zion's bank, a coupon for kohl's that expired 3 weeks ago, receipts from the market and $10 in cash + some coins, but not many because apparently that's free range for the Kids)
a copy of bright blue miracle (never know when that will come in handy)
a cool leather-bound notebook (4x4) for holding all my brilliant ideas that come when I'm not mowing
a pad of yellow post-it notes
a torn piece of paper with the name "M. Hospodarsky" on it (which is just the coolest name)
a ticket to a football game
a pouch-type wallet thing that holds emergency makeup (covergirl simply powder foundation in creamy natural, c.g. super thick lash mascara {names can be deceiving}, a silver c.g. lipstick which is for some reason open, and now all over my hands, but also really obsolete because there is also a wet-n-wild lip pencil that cost me 79 cents and it has earned my undying devotion over the years** and may continue to be my favorite beauty product forever) and a bunch of papers, including Kid 2's 12-year-old well-check reciept, tickets for the train, outlet coupons that expired in august, a cardholder agreement for a card I've never used, and a pack of treetop fruitsnacks - for emergencies on the road***
a pack of skittles which doesn't really tempt me
a grocery list****
a spare contact lens case
a pencil that says "click it or ticket" - I just love threats from the law
3 pens, 1 green, 2 black
2 pennies
a wrapper-lid from a pot of wendy's honey-mustard dipping sauce (which I don't eat, so I'm not really sure how that one happened)

So the point of this exercise? Apparently to remind us all that cheap makeup is a good thing, and that no matter what, a girl who likes to talk (or write) will always find something, no matter how trivial, to say.

* actually a little orange for me, but not bad with the right outfit (black)
**it's # 666, but that is just a coincidence, I mean it.
***mine, if necessary
****that's another post entirely - bet you can't wait


  1. I cleaned out my purse two days ago because it's a huge Mom-sized bag and badly needed purging. My list would be similar but 90% of my junk was receipts, only one of which I actually needed. Go figger.

  2. Your purse has much cooler stuff in it than mine! (Although there is a very cool trinket attached to the zipper, that a super awesome *someone* gave me for my B-Day!)

    Now if we got into the diaper bag...which i still {get} to carry around...it would be a whole different matter! ;)

  3. Hey, that wetn'wild is one of my favorite pencils too. Never can find a better shade no matter what product I try.

    You're brave. I fear my purse.

  4. I doubt that "real writers" always have something to write on and with on them. 'Cause they're also real people. The kind with purses full of interesting things that make me (fearfully) want to tackle and catalogue my own.


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