Thursday, September 17, 2009


Sometimes I think I'm a writer. Then there are days when I have nothing. Nothing in my fingers. Nothing in my brain. My very soul is a shriveled pod, empty of thoughts or images or ideas.

But at least I can always be overly dramatic, right?

So I'm cheating. Sort of. I googled "writing prompts" and found zillions of websites. (yes, zillions. I counted.) These sites give me (or third graders, whatever) ideas of things to write about, like for a response journal or something.

So I'm going back to "school", and I'm giving myself an assignment every day to write something brought on by one of these writing prompts. And my soul will fill up and blossom or something, and I will have thoughts in my head and itchy fingers to type them down. And then, even if I don't have anything brilliant (or even coherent) to add to my WIP, at least I'm writing. Much like my kids are doing at school, but without the gum-smacking and contraband iPods.


  1. I'm working on a "homework" situation of my own. I'm participating in a creative challenge through a book called, "The Artist's Way." There are some things about it I love and some things I'm having a hard time with. I hope your homework goes better than mine! I think I'm failing the class...

  2. Isn't there a saying about not being able to draw from an empty well? I think we empty oursevles out sometimes when we right. We pour forth everything we have within us and then we're left feeling completely drained - spent. My guess? We all have different ways of being filled up again. Some find inspiration reaing the works of others. Sometimes it's experiencing nature. Or a bustling metropolis full of a myriad of people doing a myriad of things. It's all about finding out the best way to fill yourself up a a given moment in time.

  3. Great to hear that even Becca feels a little dry...Gook Luck!

    I've been thinking that I need to get myself a new sketchbook to carry around with me - not one of those intimidating bound things, with pristine pages and an uncracked spine (you know the kind that make you feel like you've failed if you accidentally draw or write something stupid in it) - something I'm not afraid to put things in (or tear out)...something to draw on in those 'What do I do now?" moments.

    Thanks for the encouragement! ;)

  4. I taught middle school creative writing for five years and it's amazing how much these prompts really will get your juices flowing. Some of the most successful ones with my kids were when I gave them what had to be the LAST line of their journal entry that day. It's fun to play with. I think you have a great idea.


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