Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Should be Fun

The other day, Kid 4 called me to come into the office. "I have something for you," he said. Which could be anything, you know. As it happens, he had found a preview for the movie FAME on the computer.

He knows.

He's 5, and he knows that my heart goes all fluttery for the whole singing-dancing-acting thing, especially when it relates to my childhood. I spent many evenings watching "Fame" with my family when I was growing up. And when we took Kid 2 to a movie for her birthday, and the preview for FAME started up, I could barely sit still. I humiliated my kids by singing along. "I'm gonna live forever, light up the sky like a flame. (Fame!) I feel it coming together. Baby, remember my name. (remember! remember! remember! remember!)"

That should be fun. It should be great. It has every reason to thrill me. But now I'm nervous to watch it.

See, my dad has this theory that PG-13 is code for "guaranteed to offend your mother" and guess what? I'm the mother now.



  1. I get all fluttery every time a preview for Fame comes on, but yes, it's hard not to be nervous. Especially as I keep trying to get into those dance shows that are so popular right now but always have to change the channel as so much of what goes on during them I believe should be, ahem, private.

  2. Uh...ashamed to admit that I have no idea what "Fame" is. Am I booted off your blog?

  3. Happy Happy Birthday to Becca! We sure think the world of you and so sorry I'm late sending birthday wishes. So, unless you already have plans, I say we plan a GNO next weekend and go see "Fame" and celebrate your birthday?!


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