Friday, September 25, 2009

An Event

Hey there - I'm doing a book signing on Saturday morning (um, did I neglect to mention that earlier? My bad.) I'll be at the Orem Seagull (Center street and State) from 10:00 till noon. I'd love to see any of y'all who are in the neighborhood. We can talk books and ... well, there must be something else we can do.
- m'Kay, bye!


  1. Wish we could stop by and get your autograph...but we have a baptism to be to.

    Have fun!!!

  2. I'll do my best! I still haven't gotten my copy of Bright Blue signed. (And since I love it, it would make it perfect if it had your signature on it!)

  3. I'm having some really not very patriotic feelings right now. Why are so many of my favourite people living so many hundreds of miles away? Grrr!

    Hope it goes fabulously!

  4. Ooh, you're there even as I write this! (wish I could be too)

  5. It was nice meeting you today! Looking forward to reading your book :D


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