Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Job - Updated

I have removed this post, because a friend I referenced here found it offensive. I am very sorry about that. I never intended any offense, as I told her as soon as she approached me. I apologize if the post offended anyone else.


  1. As a former public educator (who keeps her license current just in case!) and a mom, I just want to say hip hip hooray for this post.

  2. Just think of how our world would be different if more parents had this point of view, like it was actually "their" job to take care of "their" childrens needs. What a concept?!? And, seriously, he is an amazing little man!

  3. Totally agree...My kids just started here, and I have feeling I'll be doing a lot of supplementing at home! Ya do what ya gotta do...and I'm glad i get to do it, too! :)


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