Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Thirty-five was a very good year. (Frank Sinatra is singing in my head right now. Yes. I am a huge nerd.) Here are some of the things that I did, learned, or experienced when I was thirty-five:

I did my own hair. I never got a professional haircut or any kind of color. I'm looking forward to remedying that situation sometime in the near future.
I achieved the goal of jogging (I almost said "running" but let's not get carried away) 4 miles at a shot.
I had a book published.
I had many prayers answered with calming peace. This is not necessarily exclusive to 35, but nice anyway.
I went on a great family vacation.
I bought leather couches.
I submitted a new manuscript.
I sent my oldest baby to high school and my youngest baby to kindergarten.
I wrote many thousands of words.
I got really tan by hanging out in my own backyard.
I went to a few good writing conferences.
I came to be at peace with my body. Not in love with it, you understand. Just grateful for its capabilities rather than angry at its unwillingness to look a certain way.
I let go some things that needed to be let go.
I held on tight to some friendships that I really, really value.
I fell in love with Husband again. This is also a regular occurrence. And fun.
I tried writing a book in reading order: from the beginning to the end.*
I saw my appliances, at the verge of death, resurrect and perform all their functions well.
I read a great deal of YA literature, some great, some terrible, some: meh.
I had people come to my book signings (and yes, I knew almost all of them. So what?)

And today, thirty-five is over. I wonder what's in store for thirty-six?

*It's not very good yet. Revision time!


  1. Happy, happy birthday! I hope it's a great one! I love your list. You are a wise and wonderful woman. With great hair. Come cut mine. But not on your birthday, of course. :)

  2. I'll write it here because you'll see it sooner! Happy Birthday!!!


    35 was an excellent year for you! Here's to another one!

  4. Happy birthday! I've been thinking of you and reveling in the 2 days when our Merrie Miss 4-some was all the same age. Glad to know you enjoyed 35 - hope I will too. Love you!

  5. Hope you have an excellent Birthday...and many more exciting adventures to come! Lots of love!

  6. Oooo...happy birthday Becca! Hope that the next year holds as much excitement and joy!

  7. Ooooh, I really like this list. I could check many of the same items if I made my own list. Maybe I'll write one. It will start with: I ate lots of chocolate. It will end with: I ate lots of Swedish fish.

    Fine bookends, those.


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