Monday, September 28, 2009

Just a Suggestion

You know me, I'm always full of it - I think somehow that my opinion is relevant. Hm.

Well, today, I'm just saying, you might want to try this. Here's what I just had for lunch:

Carrot slices (a real, full-sized carrot, remember? Not baby nonsense) and cucumber slices (salted) and brie on triscuits. Little slices of brie melted in the micro-nuker on Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil triscuits. This is the best lunch I've eaten lately where nobody else was involved with cooking for me.

And then, about writing - the book signing was fun. I met lots of nice people who, among other things, write good things and love fine foods and share their cute babies and wear great jewelry. (Not all the same people had all those great qualities, you know. But among the group, all that was represented.)

Husband is working at home today, so he's taking Kid 4 over to the driving range for his lunch break and they're going to hit a few golf balls. Soak up these perfect autumn days, right? I'm going to mow the lawn (eventually - maybe I'll read something fun out on the patio first...). This morning I got some outlining done (in a notebook on my bed, because I was terribly _______ (cold or lazy or maybe industrious, you decide).


  1. I'm so sorry I missed your signing. My kids caught swine flu. Ugh.
    I'm glad to hear it went so well and hooray for the yummy lunch!

  2. You mean, you didn't like my jewelry and my fine vintage water? *pout*

    Oh well, I'll take you liking my baby :D . I caught a picture of big & little Becca while you were talking to someone . . . not sure if you want that to see the light of day, though ;) .


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