Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Husband is watching / listening to a photo tools tutorial in the other room (the room where he can ask for spelling assistance without leaving his chair). I want a tutorial. The guy showing him around his new program is so gracious and polite. He even lets him know when the program is about to take over. Nobody ever warns me when someone is about to take over my life. His tutor-man also has a calming voice to tell him about regions of interest.

Are you with me?

I want to be shown regions of interest. Seriously.

He's also a validating voice of reason. He even says things like "isn't that great?" and "let's talk about..." and "If you'd care to look over at the window, you'll see..." I feel very respected by this voice from the other room.

I can think of several days in the past week or so that would have been better had I spent a little time with Mr. Tutor-man. He could have talked me down from a few temper-filled moments. I wonder if Husband would think me odd if I had Tutorials every morning, just for a few minutes...

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