Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Body Image

Like any form of self-esteem, a positive body image cannot be given. No manner of nice things that people say to me are going to "make" me see myself any differently. Like any other version of self-esteem, a positive body image needs to be earned.

Here's where one facet of my problem lies.

I have convinced myself that I will deserve to feel good about me when I am XX pounds and size 8. (I almost wrote XX again, but I really, really don't want to be that size!) But I need to have a different goal. The final is nice, and I think even reachable if I give up all things tasty, but there has to be something more consistent. I need to be able to say to me, at least a few times a week, "Go, you. Good job. You may now feel good about yourself."

I say that when I do a good job exercising, but I have been woefully deficient in exercise consistency. So I need to retake control of that. I choose how I move during the day. If I want to feel good about me, I need to choose to move more than I don't.

I say that when I make good food choices (but more often when I avoid the bad ones). This is not my best talent. I am, in fact, really good at baking and cooking all things butter-based. Bread included, because, duh - who wants bread without butter? And I know this about me - I show my love, both inside my home and abroad, with white flour and sugar. And caramel. And more butter.

I say that when I fit into clothes I love. I say it when I surprise myself with a good hair day. I say it when I have a photo taken that looks better than reality. So I need to decide to do the things that will earn those words every day. Every day I should choose to earn some love for my own self. By walking more, being in the sun more, eating fresh crunchy things more...

I'm going outside now - see ya.

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