Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reading the Writing

I've done some fun writing today, and now I get to do something I haven't done in several months. I get to read over a manuscript that has been sitting. It's technically been sitting on the acquisitions editor's desk, but also on my computer. Today I'm printing the first half of it, taking it outside and reading it in the sun. With shade, and the Elton sunglasses.

I'll take a pen and write in where changes must be made.

I'll take a highlighter and star where I still laugh. (Here's hoping there will be some highlighting done.)

I'll see if it is utter trash, or worth some more work.

I'm excited to go into it. I've been through about 6 drafts of this, but right now marks my longest break from it. I believe in breaks. Some people are good with short breaks of a week or two. I tend to still think my crappy work is pretty funny until I've distanced myself from it for at least a couple of months. So there we are... several months later, and I'm off to check it out. Reading like a reader, an editor.

If I come back to the computer smacking my head repeatedly into the keypad and bleeding from the ears, we'll all know that it's time to begin another draft.


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