Monday, May 4, 2009


Life is feeling short. Isn't it weird how days can seem to last forever, sometimes even hours (see Star Wars: The Clone Wars), but then life as a whole appears so fragile.

My grandma is 92. She's precious. Lately, she's been more and more fuzzy around the edges - not remembering some grandkids (mine are still recognizable, so far) and wondering why she's out doing things.

I just got a call that my friend's husband is in the ICU with a blood clot in his brain. Ack. "They" say he's going to be fine, but hey, guess what. "They" dont' actually know that.

Days like this I just want to call all my friends and sibs and give them a little love, you know? I'm kind of shaky with the delicacy of it all. I've got to go hug my kids.

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