Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer starts Now - Ready... Go!

Hooray for the last day of school! Everyone was up early, dressed and with hairs bee-utiful before 6.30. It's like the first day of school, but better - because nobody has to go back tomorrow. Or next week.

We're planning the summer of "stay-cations" this year. We are going to explore the wonders of our state - at least ten of them. We'll start with a waterfall hike tomorrow (ease them into it and all that) and work our way into the state parks that we've never visited.

If I were a good mom (or even someone who tries a little harder) I'd plan theme days around the visits, like where you make papier-mache models of the sites you see. I am not remotely that kind of good, however, so we'll just try not to whine more than 45% of the time we're in the car, travelling here and there.

Today we're going to see UP - I hope I love it. I generally adore the Pixar shows, but seriously, that WALL-E just about turned me off films forever. If I want an environmental message shoved down my throat, I can watch the nature channel from my bedroom. In my pajamas. (Okay, I really can't, because I don't have any of those cool pay channels - and that is because I don't want environmental messages shoved down my throat, if you know what I mean.)

But Husband has been showing the kids these "Up-isodes" on his phone, which are really clever and funny - so I have high hopes (um, really no balloon-pun intended). And I'm hoping for a preview of the next Pixar release. (**Toy Story 3? Oh, goody! Please, please!**) Besides, I just love going to the theater to see a movie. And eat much popcorn.

* Side note * Husband bought the tickets, and the 3D glasses. Uh. The glasses. I have a long and here-to-fore undocumented history of getting carsick watching 3D movies. He bribed me into submission with many flattering words and the promise of a large bucket of hot buttered popcorn. (Get it while it's hot! Get it while it's buttered!) But we put the glasses on for a gorgeous family photo before the kids left for school, and they're not too bad. Not as lame as the old plastic-filmed, red and green, paper glasses, and no as uncomfortable as the ones you wear in the "Bug's Life" show at Disneyland. So I'm putting on my brave face and taking my popcorn with a Dramamine chaser. Stay tuned. Review tomorrow. Same time, same channel.

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