Saturday, May 9, 2009


My sister in law just sent me this funny video for Mother's Day. People with left brains are so clever.

In related news, it is after seven, and everyone in my house is still in bed. Okay, that isn't really related news. But they are still in bed, and it ought to be recorded. It is good, good news.

My eleven-year-old was invited to a conference in Washington, D.C. next summer. She is very excited to go, but I'm requiring her to earn some of the dollars. One thousand of them. Do you have any idea what a thousand dollars looks like to someone who has never had an allowance? Yikes. She must be freaking. Anyone have great ideas for a kid to earn loads of money?

Few things make me smile like listening to Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, and Kate Winslet do "Sense and Sensibility." (Kid One thinks Hugh Grant looks ill through most of his scenes. I think he's adorable. Thoroughly.) I had it on last night while I rolled into scrolls a few hundred copies of that Mother's Day tribute we discussed last week. Husband and Kids One and Two sacrificed time and fingers to help. Yeah for them.

When I bring flowers in from the gardens, why do my tulips droop to the table while my daffodils stand tall? The bouquet looks stunning for about eight hours before the tulips start to fall. How bizarre.

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