Monday, May 11, 2009

hens and musical theatre

Remember Mary's eggs? Well, something got her chickens. When I say something got her chickens, I mean something wandering around town managed to get through fencing, past guard goats and her boxer dogs, and snack on her chickens. All of them. I didn't ask for any details, and I'm sure my imagination is on overload, making it scarier than it needs to be (I'm guessing cougar, but it could easily be hawk).

In any case, Mary needs new chickens. She told me yesterday that she's ready to go pick them up Tuesday. She wants Kid Four and me to join her on the chicken-fetching errand. He is ecstatic to be involved. So, tomorrow we go buy chickens. I wish they were for me.

Tonight my cute niece Rachel stars in Annie at her school. This school does the most quality musicals ever for a junior high. I'm totally looking forward to it. And she's adorable, and gifted, and sweet, and so I can't wait.

And after the jobs are done, and the errands run, I am very excited to try out my Mother's Day patio furniture. Husband bought two reclining lounge chairs ("for the reader in you, not so much for the writer in you"). This is such a good idea! I'm rereading "Pride and Prejudice" (because why not?), and it is supposed to be a perfect day to be outside.

Go, Monday!

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