Friday, May 22, 2009

Dead Muse?

Oh, dear. I think my muse might have died. She is certainly not perched on my shoulder right now, whispering sparkling and witty dialog into my ears.

I took a small break from my word goals for the past couple days to do schooly stuff with my kids (like authory visits - some fun, some YIKES - and chaperoning to a great production of Treasure Island with the Honors Lit classes). Now I'm having issues getting back into my mojo.

My muse may have died from neglect. Can that happen in two days?

Maybe she's just on holiday.

I'm going to leave her dead/vacationing and get some other stuff done. (Yeah, I'm totally stalling. I've even been on FB already this morning. I have no character at all.) Like finishing my re-read from a few days ago (I got distracted at Chapter 7 and then got a free book in the mail. It's like a drug - I can't stop, even if I don't particularly like it) and cleaning some exceptionally dirty parts of my house. You don't want to know. Really.

And grocery shopping, because even if we cannot all write, all can eat (thanks, Ms. Austen). And one more school visit. And 3 loafs (loaves?) of wheat bread. Oh, and a shower. Because, you know.


  1. I finally got my groove back today after almost a month. Just call me Stella. I got derailed because I had to organize a huge fundraiser, so in addition to not writing for three weeks (plus Storymakers before that), I also gained five pounds from stress. Awesome. I arranged to have my wisdom teeth pulled next week just to counteract that. (Kidding).

    But it felt really good to knock out a thousand words today. What's your daily goal? I'm really comfortable with 1200 words but I won't walk away with less than 1000, even if they're, crud. I'll fix it the next day if I have to but I either have to do a thousand or not write at all. Kind of weird, I guess.

  2. Mel - I've been loving your blog. We'll have to talk somewhere private about this deal you have coming - and if it's somehow familiar to me.

    I have a 500 word/day goal - works for me between 5.30 am and scriptures at 6.30. In summer, big kids entertain little ones and I can do more - hoping for 1500.

    "Do 1000 or not write at all" sounds like me - with anything, I'm sort of an all-or-nothing psycho. I can go sans sugar for an entire summer, but I can't say "only treats on SUndays" or something. No room for cheating. (Remind you of anything? "For the weak and the weakest of saints"?)


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