Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things to Do Today

1. Take a long walk (because revisions are well underway, and I need some pondering time).

2. Sit in on 2 piano lessons (and cringe, because I didn't make anyone practice particularly well since the last lesson).

3. Mow the lawn (because although it looks good now, it will look great after that).

4. Sit in the Sun (with the absolutely precious Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society).

5. Play a little tennis (overstatement: really just work on some basic skills so Kid 1 can feel confident to try out for the Freshman team in September).

6. Vacuum many carpets (because Kid 4 was on Vacuum after dinner last night. He's really cute, but the handle is over his head).

7. Visit the library.

8. Deposit a check (small, but nonetheless useful).

9. Take a nap (if I feel like it - and why wouldn't I?).

10. Revise a little more (with a smile, because it's pretty fun).


  1. Sounds like a potentially idyllic day.

    Especially the nap bit...

  2. Sigh. I loved The Potato Peel book. My favorite last year.

    And I'm tired of revisions. It takes me an hour a chapter at least.

    And I have thirty chapters.

    But I'm going to go work on them anyway.

  3. I'm with Kim. I think I prefer the nap bit.


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