Thursday, July 9, 2009

Strange Thing

I love in a little neighborhood, in a cul-de-sac*. There are nice neighbors here. It's quiet, usually. But sometimes people do strange things. For instance? Once I saw my neighbor, let's call her Natalie** standing next to her car - on her lawn. I was, naturally, worried - what had happened? Oh, nothing. As it turns out, Natalie washes her car when it's parked on the lawn. That's her way of saving water, or something. Still, it surprises me to come around the corner and see a car in her front yard.

And then.

I looked out the window, and my next-door neighbor girl is washing a horse in her front yard.

Did you just wonder if you read that right? Well, you may not have, so I'll tell you again. She is washing a horse in her front yard.

A real horse, of a chestnutty reddish-brown color, all currently covered in suds. In her front yard.

Where am I?

*which I entirely recommend. It's good.
**cause that's her name

(This all really happened on Tuesday. Just, you know, in the interest of honesty and all that.)


  1. We wash our horses (well, now my dad's horses) on the lawn too. Good for the grass and the horses. =]
    Ironically, I wash the cars on the lawn too. =p

  2. A few weeks ago, I was driving Max to Basketball practice and I saw a totally naked man holding a cross over his head and walking down the median. Boy did that make me wonder about where I was living! More than I ever wanted to see!

  3. I agree with you about cul-de-sac life being good.

    And I see cars parked on lawns sometimes not normally being washed just worked on. But I can't say I have seen a horse. That would be fun though. I know my little girl would love to see a real horse.

  4. We do the car on the lawn thing too, but mostly because our driveway is made of dirt and car washing there = mud. Sounds like a luverly neighbourhood!

  5. As soon as I have a lawn, I'm washing my car on it.

    See, blog reading is GOOD for you! Look what I learned.

  6. I once loved on a cul-de-sac. Guess what the ticket for that is...


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