Friday, July 31, 2009

Kid 2 is Awesome

I just kicked Kid 2 and her violin out of here so I could write about her. Do you think that could cause anxiety?*

What I want to say is that this is a great kid. She got her 11-year-old (for 3 more weeks) self out of bed and on her bike to work before either of her sleep-in-till-6:30 parents were even awake. **

Then she grabbed her violin and practiced her songs (she's learning Vibrato, and it's not killing anyone). If you are a mother of a violinist, here's a hug for you: OOO. It gets better. Or they take up archery or something.

She borders on idolizing her older sister. She takes good care of her younger sibs. She rarely talks back. She gets good grades. She loves shoes. (Who doesn't?) She likes to cook - alone or with me. She reads the books I love, and the books I write.

This is a great kid. Who is turning into a great young lady.***

*Answer: In this kid, who has her father's and her Grandmothers' Ulcer genes, anything could cause anxiety.
**She cleans at a restaurant, and I recently discovered that they feed her and the other employees pancakes (white!) with butter (!!) if she's there at a certain hour.
***Maybe someday I'll tell you about her first 18 months. Let us just say that if I could have read this post ten years ago, agony may have been spared. A little.


  1. What a great mommy you are! I love that you love your daughter so much and that you're remembering those little things. They really do add up to big things.

    (*Sidenote* Thank you for your comment on my post today. It really does mean so much to me. I'm honored. Please feel free to email me whenever you'd like. ltelliot at live dot com.)

  2. What a sweet tribute. Recognizing the great in our kids is so good for both us and them.

  3. Wow. What a kid. Does she want to fly down here and babysit sometimes?

  4. This is just the best. One day she'll really love knowing all of these things about her small self. Lovely!


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