Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Funny Words

I love words. Not in a grammar-snob sense (although I do cringe when phrases like "we seen" and "we gone" come out of mouths employed by my children's school district...). Just good words make me happy. Words like ill-gotten. Unfettered. Nether regions.

Persnickety. Crapulent. Vague. Apothecary.

Food words make me happy too: Garnish. Capers. Saute. Gruyere.*

And lately, the word chunder. Because a vomit story is funny, but even the most humiliating vomit story is better when someone's chundering. Preferably chundering over the side of a boat or out a window of a moving vehicle. Don't just take my word for it. Try it.

*Mmmm. Gruyere.


  1. I've never heard that word. Now I'm going to run around using it all day.

  2. There's a service at where you can compile a list of all your favourite words. I like the term wordie. Kind of parallels the term foodie, doesn't it?

  3. Wow. Chunder. I've never heard that word before--let alone used in conjunction with barfing. Another word for the lexicon luvr! Away!


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