Friday, July 3, 2009

Hi, Future Me!

I'm on Vacation* and so I've been posting in the future - I mean, into the future, you know. So I'm giving a little shout-out to Future Me, from Present Me, who is by now Past Me. It's all beyond me, if you want to know the truth.

So many fun things happen when we go on vacation, but since Present/Past me doesn't know what they are yet, I can only guess. Here are a few guesses.

We made the 12-hour drive in 10.5 (because I was driving through all of 75MPH Idaho). Leadfoot, much?

All the kids found joy in their containment in the FRM** and loved watching movies featuring Mr. Dick VanDyke, who loved to make movies that lasted many, many hours.

The Car Snacks were precisely to everyone's taste, and nobody spilled/complained/vomited out a small window.

Relaxing, real relaxing started the second we pulled out of the driveway.***

Bubbles. Dancing girls. Butterflies and rainbows. Peace signs.

All is happiness, when I look at it in the future.

*Really, really big deal.
**Fabulous Red Minivan
***Hey, a girl can dream, right?


  1. I hope SOME of your dreams come true. For the sake of your happiness and your sanity both!

  2. Great perspective! Have a fun vacation!

  3. That sounds like a very pessimistic view of your vacation. You Future/present you needs to tell past you, that to make sure she imagines clouds that rain money right into your wallet, and Princesses that clean your house while you are away. I mean your past you left out the best part of every vacations. What is a vacation with out screaming fits and tantrums over who got to pick the last movie. Past you even forgot about the amazing odors that get trapped when you are sitting in a car for too long. I mean those are the things vacations are made of,.


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