Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Serious Silliness

Netflix delivery came - and it brought a barrage of ridiculous 80s comedy.

Spies Like Us, anyone? "I have no feeling whatsoever in my left hand." "Doctor." "Doctor." "Doctor." "Doctor." "Doctor." "Doctor." "Doctor." "Doctor." "Doctor." "Doctor." "Doctor." "Doctor." "Doctor." "Doctor." Am I the only one who loves, loves Chevy Chase still? He can make me laugh delivering the stupidest lines ("we're just a couple of wild and crazy guys!"). And I love the scene in Three Amigos where he sings Ned to sleep. And Dan Ackroyd is just funny. Crazy. Weird. Ghostbusters is a longstanding favorite, and I can usually win that game where you give a line from the movie, and I tell you the next line. Because I've seen it that many times.

Netflix also delivered Scrooged. I saw this once (Bill Murray - okay, I love him, too), but all I can remember is the fabulous Carol Kane and the ghost of Christmas something-or-other saying, "Frank, we're fighting. Let's not fight anymore!" and then cold-clocks him with a toaster.

So just in case life gets too tame and boring around here, nights will light right up with all the finest 80s comedy. And I will feel old, because I'll flinch at every curse (and in 80s movies there is SO MUCH CURSING) and cringe at all the innuendo.

But I'll still laugh. Because that's the kind of girl I am.

The kind who will still laugh.


  1. I love those old movies! Though truly, they don't feel old, being what I grew up watching and all. I confess to having a slight crush on Chevy in my younger days, he always makes me giggle. And Bill Murray, goodness, don't get me started...


    We're on a netflix kick too, except ours is centred on BBC comedy - too fun.

  2. 80s movies are great. I hope it keeps you laughing. Laughter really does brighten up any day.

  3. BTW - I am passing an award over your way. I hope you accept even if you don't pass it on. (I say go against the rules. They were made to be broken.) But if you have time, go ahead and introduce us to some more fun bloggers. I love meeting new friends.

  4. I was just telling a good friend how much 80s movies really were fun. There's something missing in our current movie-ness and me thinks it is the lack of humor. =]


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