Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who, Me? I'm Flattered, Honestly.

My bloggy-friend L.T. Elliot over at Dreams of Quill and Ink sent me my very first blog award. Would you like to know that I didn't know blog awards existed until a month ago? Wasn't that an honest statement?

This award has 4 requirements:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award, list her blog (or his) and link.
2. List 10 honest things about yourself and post a copy of the Honest Scrap Logo on your blog.
3. Pass the award on to seven (7) other people whose blogs you find brilliant in content or design.
4. Notify the bloggers you choose for the award and hopefully they will join in.

Okay, first for the Seven. I have another Very Honest thing to say here: I don't really know seven bloggers. (By "know" I mean "comment occasionally on blogs" - I don't actually know-know more than two. I'm not friendless, people, I'm just saying, I don't know a lot of people who blog.)


Melanie J of Write Stuff
Annie Valentine of Regarding Annie
Lisa Mangum of Leo's Dungeon
Amber Lynae of Seriously Amber Lynae

These are women of charm and grace and wit and writerliness. My computer doesn't think that's a word. I disagree. I do "know" a few other charming bloggers, but what with their tendencies to post photos of their gorgeous children, I feel good about keeping them under wraps, know what I mean?

Okay. On to honesty (as if I've been lying to you all day so far):

1. I need outside validation on almost everything. From several sources, in case someone I love might be lying to me in order to pet my ego. For instance, I am never totally sure (but I'm sometimes pretty sure) something I write is good until at least one publishing professional tells me so. See Lisa, above.
2. Even considering my startling tendency toward list-making, I still like to consider myself a "type B" personality - you know, laid back and going with the flow.
3. I hate to dust.
4. I cried when Dobby died. Actually, I still cry every time I read that scene (at least 4).
5. I would like to lose 14 pounds. This will not qualify me as skinny, just more healthy.
6. In order to do that, I am working a sugar-intake prohibition. This is not a diet. Just a change for a while (seven weeks) to get me where I need to be - you know, in order to be more healthy. Because healthy is good.
7. I do not love sunblock. I think brown fat is prettier than white fat. And deep down, under all that American Cancer Society propaganda, I bet you agree with me.
8. I am not only lazy, but clever enough to hide that fact from many, many people.
9. I am often guilty of making my children perform for strangers (like my pre-Kindergarten Kid 4 regularly has to read in public).
10. I'm not fond of being in charge (outside this house). I'm a much more proficient vice-president than president, and I don't delegate well.

So now you know altogether too many true things about me. Not to mention what you may have gleaned in the past. Maybe you can love me anyway, right? And now you can run right over to visit all your new bloggy friends, linked above, and love them too. XO


  1. Oh how I love your honest facts. I think this is the reason we were such instant friends, that no bars honesty thing. Thanks for sharing, you're awesome. I'll link you over, but I don't actually do the whole blog award thing. It makes me uncomfortable.

  2. You're wonderful, Becca. I love your honesty and I love your blog. I love all your stories and sweet tributes and excellent words about writing. =]

  3. We a worrying amount in common - except that I embrace being pasty white because I hate being hot. =P Loved learning more about you!

  4. Becca, we are totally best bloggy friends because we are too much alike not to be.
    #1 is very much me. I can't wait for people to give me their opinions on EVERYthing I do (ie. my blog comment addiction); however, anything other than praise upsets me.:)
    #3 When I dust I go into a HUGE allergy attack.... I am literally allergic to cleaning... can someone please tell my husband??
    #4 Dobby's death is cry worthy *sniffles*
    (I have much more weight to lose to be healthy so I will gloss over those).
    #7 I don't LOVE sunscreen although on occassion i need it(When you are this white you burn FAST). But yes I agree that tanned fat looks better than blinding white fat.
    #8 HAHA don't share our secrets people will learn the truth and my reputation will be ruined. ( My mother and my brother-in-law are convinced I'm the clean sister. LOL
    #9 Little princess can't read yet but I can see me making her do that.
    #10 I hate making decisions for other people (other than my family.) But I hate choosing what to make for dinner.

    Anyway Thanks for awarding me. That is awesome.


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