Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Washington. Is. Fabulous.

I would live here. Caveat: It hasn't actually rained in the 5.5 days we've been here - just been gorgeously cloudy-slash-sunny. We have rocked the 4th of July with many righteous fireworks we'd never see at home, slept in long past decency, raided the OMSI - which you must do if you're within a couple hours of Portland (ever - kids optional), hiked to a gorgeous waterfall, eaten many lovely meals, given multiple doses of Motrin to small fevered boys, eaten several ice creams each, and generally adored the cousins and their world.

If vacation lasted forever, would it still be vacation?


  1. It truly is a beautiful part of the world. We lived near Portland for four years and (apart from the rain) absolutely adored it. Mostly I miss Powell's Books though. A bookstore so big they have maps for it . . .

  2. I went to Seattle with my husband for a work trip and I remember seeing TREES sprouting up between the freeway (opposing lanes--not on the asphalt.) It was this lush world of green. Places like that exist? What?
    It was gorgeous and we didn't have much rainfall either but I remember seeing the sea and the green and just thinking, "Why do I live in a desert?"

  3. I have only been to Washington once. I had a lot of fun because we were visiting friends. But there is so much that we didn't do.

    Vacation to me is a state of mind. If you can enjoy it forever then it is a vacation.

  4. Funny, we were vacationing in the same state at the same time. Probably speeding and cursing slow drivers at the same time too. Miss ya


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