Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool

So I've never been any good at April Fooling. Maybe it's because I think it's mean. Maybe it's because I'm the one who has to clean up whatever it is . Maybe because, at my core, I have no sense of humor.

That's sounding more and more likely.

Last year, Scott rigged this terrifyingly realistic (okay, only in the heat of the moment) mouse to the end of some fishing line and had the rodent "run" out from under the couch at the end of family prayer. Here we all are, on our knees, at 6.45 a.m. and being attacked by a bouncing, hopping, horrible mouse.

He's still sleeping on the couch.

This year, though, he decided to bring it down a bit. So this morning he asked a kid to get down some bowls for breakfast, and thirty balls fell down on her head. She laughed. (I may not have. I'm just saying.) Then he served another kid a bowl of Cheerios (and the kid went "woot-woot" because cereal for breakfast is an odd and momentous occasion). When she went to dip her spoon in and get some of that goodness inside her, the spoon clunked off the cereal. With a "ka-thack" noise. He had frozen the cereal and milk into the bowl last night. Everyone laughed at that. Even me, because the cereal was on sale.

So I may have no sense of humor, but Scott is cute.

And won't have to sleep on the couch anymore.

Till next mouse attack.

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