Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rant = no use

I have just deleted a long rant. Turns out that complaining about how craptastic the day has begun doesn't actually repair it.

Who knew?

So things were a little rough this morning. But, as I told Kid 3 (repeatedly) this morning, you've got to choose how you're going to feel, then own it. You decided. So the feeling is yours. So I choose to feel like things will be just fine. After all, the sun is shining, and the birdies are rowdy. I get to go talk to a bunch of old ladies about Heaven Touched Me today. I'm hitting Costco this morning, which means homemade ice cream tonight. My 500 words came pretty quickly. Out of the three dentist appointments yesterday, there are only two cavities (two more than we've ever had before, but.) and only one of those people need braces. See? It's okay.

Kid 4 wants me to play Wii with him. I really should go shower. Also, he's chosen Lego Star Wars, which makes me a little carsick. But I'm going to go down there and give him a little thrill. Then choose to feel pleased about it. And take a dramamine, if necessary.

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