Thursday, April 23, 2009


Don't you love food?

I've been thinking, that along with my Major Attitude Improvement yesterday, I have food issues. You may be surprised to discover that I tend to obsess.

You: (*Shocked*) really, Becca? You obsess? I'm shocked.
Me: I understand your surprise, after all, I come across as such an even kind of girl.
You: You certainly do. You don't seem the least imbalanced.
Me: What can I say, we try to hide these things.

And what I've been struggling with is that part between "Don't fill up your body with junk" and "Please feed your body good things."

Do the good things (the kind that come out of the ground or off the tree just like you eat them) ever seem just a little prosaic?

Friend: I had Sushi for lunch and then went over to the Italian trattoria for some gelato.
Me: My life is so lame. I need a pizza. And a gallon of ice cream.

Sometimes the real food, the good things, the fruits and veg are the only things I want. But sometimes I crave something complicated (and made/cleaned up by someone else, preferably wearing a black uniform). I usually settle for something in between. And I think in between is where my troubles lie. In between, we find butter. In between we find great veg-filled sandwiches (um, but on white bread, and smothered with melted cheese). In between we dip things into mayonnaise-heavy Ranch dressing. In between, there is pie. Oh, pie.

But, I have to say, that in between is a step better than the over-processed, deep-fried, pre-made-and-frozen, or covered with chocolate frosting.


Let's eat.

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