Monday, April 20, 2009


It's violin lesson day. And piano lesson day times two. And there are three dentist appointments at ten. And a quick tutorial at the elementary school for the mom who missed Meet the Masters training last wek. And there's sunshine, so the weeding should at least be started. And maybe the mowing. And it's garbage day. And the kitchen floor needs to be mopped. Plus some laundry. And I'm in charge of Family Night (I'm thinking a couple rounds of Curses). Plus it's short day at school, which means kids 1 and 2 will be home when I'm still doing lunch dishes.

But the shower is done. The prettifying is done. Three of the glasses of water have been consumed. The kids are dressed, practiced, and half gone to school (half the kids are gone, not the kids are half-gone. You know.). The words are written for the day (500 on a school day). Everyone had some protein for breakfast.

It's looking like a pretty good day, of I do say so myself. And I do. Regularly.

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