Monday, April 13, 2009


I have a good friend, and once in a while she recommends a book. She's been telling me for a few months about a book I have, have, have to read. Except that's all she's been telling me. Not anything about it. Just that it is spectacular. And I have to read it, I just have to.


Today I picked it up from the Library (strangely enough, my little backwoods library had copies - and they were IN) and started to read it.


It's about vampires. Dracula, in particular. Anyone care to guess the reason my dear Pat wouldn't tell me what the book was about? Yikes. I'm good and scared of vampires. (Long story, involving working at a totally different backwoods library in a totally different state at age 14, and working my way through the Stephen King section, and reading a completely convincing novel called "Salem's Lot" which I can only recommend if you love having the pants scared right off you, and being fairly sure ever since that vampires are real, are out there, and are not even remotely Edward-ish. This long story also helps explain my avoidance of the Twilight books till many years after the fad hit.)

So I'm giving it a try anyway, because I love my Pat. The book is "The Historian" by Elizabeth Kostova, and I will post a review if I manage to live through this experience.

And I'm sleeping with the lights on.

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