Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good thoughts

I have spent the last 28 hours (minus a little sleep) getting filled up with things to think about (and eventually blog about). Here are a few of them:

Does every writer write with an agenda, and if so what is mine?

How do I write a virtuous book that is also fun (not cream cheese)?

When writing about redemption, how much of the darkness do I need to show in order for the "brought back into the light" part to be effective?

Were "Gremlins" and "Goonies" actually important cinematic pieces of my childhood?

Why are there, in every group discussion, attention whores; and how can I avoid the tragedy of becoming one myself?

If something is being described as "moral" for it's lack of overt sexual encounters, do I need a new word for my kind of moral? (the kind that suggests and explores consequences, expects a little personal growth, and requires a character to do something for the good of someone else?)

Why do people ask me my opinion about things?


Is it such a "consumery" idea to think that art should entertain? Discuss.

What works of art do I engage with, what kinds do I not, and what makes that distinction?

What are the merits of rice vs. orzo and vice versa?

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