Monday, March 16, 2009


Yeah, I know. Nobody cares. And although I know it's true, I still need to write them down. And it's best to do that somewhere pretty public, where people may know if I succeed and will surely know if I fail.

Here they are:

100 sit-ups every day (I go 40/40/20, because I certainly can't do 100 at once.)
500 words each day, before the kids get up (I could try for 1000, but I need to start out reasonable. Besides, the kids are all up by 6.30, and, come on.)
1 new book to read each week (new = new to me - not just rereading my favorites.)

Everything else is frosting. (Okay, that's not true. Some other things are already habits, and not included in this list.)

See, the thing is (obviously) I'm not big on expectations for myself. And also, I have to be the Mom, which means, among other things, that most of my day is not my own. But when I get these things done I will feel Oh-So-Accomplished.

And that is good.

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