Friday, March 13, 2009

Things I'm usually good at, just not today (or yesterday)

* Sleeping. Okay, that's not quite what I mean, because I'm getting really good at falling asleep before 9:30. But the staying asleep until a decent hour is not happening. This morning? 3:03. So I've written my 1000 words (or very nearly 1000 words) and read my email and finished my first 3 glasses of water and am ready to do 30 minutes of yoga. But by 2:00 this afternoon, I'm betting I'll be feeling it.

* Grocery bargaining. I am a compulsive grocery list maker. And I plan my week so I don't have to go more than once. And I generally just shop the perimeter of the store (produce, deli, dairy, meat, ice-cream freezer). But yesterday, with the entire family in tow, I spent $100 on next week's meals (not too bad) and also junk. White bread. And bagels. And hamburger buns. 2 bags of Dirty Potato Chips. I am not usually a potato chip girl, but possibly because I'd never had these before. Oh. My. Yummy. (Sour cream and onion. And salt and vinegar. Yes.) I also came home with a bag of Buffalo wing / bleu cheese Doritos, which were free (long story about how cute my local grocery market is). Yes, there was fruit, and I feel almost entirely redeemed about what's hiding in the pantry by how pretty my huge fruit basket looks. And we bought veg, but not enough to make me feel good about the white bread overload. Oh, and did I mention chocolate milk? Who am I?

* Taking care of my kids. I am attending a writer's conference these 2 days. It's one of my lazy kinds, where I just sit and listen to writerly advice and funny stories, write down all sorts of ideas about what books I could read, and flash my book at prospective writers to give them a little hope. But I am totally not caring for my kids. Yesterday I had them all out the door by 7.20, including the one with the cough and runny nose. Guilt, maybe? Yea, I guess so. I came home at 6 to a table full of finished homework and dinner coming out of the oven. So it turns out they don't actually need me. But they're sure cute.

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