Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Talking to Strangers

So today I went to the bank. I may or may not have needed to cover an overdraft, and if I did, that's none of your business. So I'm in the bank, and I hand over the business to the cute teller girl. She said, with a shy smile, "Um, I need to tell you something."

Not my favorite words at the bank.

Then she says, "I just read your book. I filled up a huge bubble bath on New Year's Day and read it all at once. I loved it!" (Totally her exclamation point, okay?)

I have never seen her before. This is maybe the first unsolicited (as in Not at a book signing or other author event) "stranger feedback" and it was fun. Kids 3 and 4 were with me. Kid 3 asked as we left, "How did she know who you were? Oh, because your picture's on the cover, right?"

Right. Riiiiight.

But definitely fun, right? Right.


  1. So happy for you! The fandom will only get worse from here with RRO coming out. =]

  2. Way cool! Did you get in the car and fluff your afterward, and say, "Yeah. I'm an author. I write stuff, and people read it. I rock."

    I hope so...'cause you do!

  3. That is AWESOME!!! I would totally be on cloud nine!

  4. L.T. said exactly what was on my mind. I loved Bright Blue Miracle, but I ADORE your next book.

    It must have been such a thrill!

  5. Becca, just finished Romantic Obsessions...LOVED it!! So great to see you again.

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  7. That's awesome. I would almost consider moving to Utah after my books come out just on the off chance of having that experience. But then I'm not sure if the awesomeness of that experience would offset living in snow for six months. Hm. A conundrum.


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