Friday, January 22, 2010


You know that feeling where you're itchy in your own skin? Where you have some huge stretch inside and you can't get it out? Where everything is fine, but you still feel just a little... off?

I'm here to tell you that cleaning the house doesn't fix it.

Staring at the computer because you don't have any words? Also not fixing it.

Taking a shower doesn't fix it either, but at least you'll smell nice.

Exercise helps, a little, as long as you're actually doing it, but it's not a solution so much as a temporary patch, a band-aid.

But do you know? Listening to 3 kindergarten-aged boys chatter over their plates of lunch (mac-n-cheeze, carrot sticks, apple juice and those pink-and-white frosted animal cookies with sprinkles), giggling and planning and plotting and snorting? That helps. A lot.


  1. The best kind of remedy, I think.

  2. Or when your brother calls... can I be your muse?

  3. I've been cleaning the house like mad today and staring at the computer screen at random intervals - wordless.

    Wonder where I can rustle me up some kindergarteners?

  4. It also doesn't help when there's SEVERAL feet of snow outside!
    But yes, giggling over cookies. Now that's how I spell relief!

  5. That is so sweet! I can't imagine what that wouldn't be a good cure for.

  6. I totally hear you, Becca. I've been feeling like that for a while too. Unfortunately, I only get to be around elementary school kids twice a week- the rest of the time, I'm stressing about annoying college homework and tests. Ugh.


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