Sunday, January 3, 2010


It's not like I'm falling over.

It's a different sort of balance I hunger for. The kind where all the Beccas are strong. None pulling the others down.

In an effort to balance, I have made goals (plans, resolutions, lists) for this year. Some of these things are new. Some are regulars, things I hope for and work for and put effort into every year. Mostly I try not to get too grandiose in my "plans" - because nothing works against my balance like the chuck-load of personal disappointment that always follows Me not Doing What I Say I'll Do.

And the balance comes when the important things are covered:

Physical (that's the part where I exercise 5 times a week and maybe get a haircut now and then)
Intellectual (that's the writing every day* part)
Social (that's me working on being a better friend and a better wife, and mom and daughter)
Spiritual (that's where I spend some time every day studying and learning)
Emotional (this is the part I sometimes neglect until I explode, and that's something to avoid - trust me)

And I'm really not going to bore you with the specifics (because, you know me - "death before boredom" - right?) but I think it's good for me to put this down, even if only for me, because when the Balance comes, I know where to cheer about it. And when it falls apart, I know where to look to find what's been lost.

So here's wishing you all a balanced 2010, and if you feel yourself sliding in one direction or another, you can lean over here (you know, metaphorically speaking).

*Except Sunday. I'll only blog on Sunday. Not write.


  1. I love the way you did this. I never thought about resolutions like that before. Balance.

    Thank you, Becca. I hope all of your resolutions bring you that balance.

  2. I love word resolutions - mine is Gratitude - I'm hoping that will bring some better balance to my life. Love you! Happy New Year!

  3. I just posted about finding balance on my blog a few days ago. But I like how you put it. I put too much into one section of my life and not enough into others. It's nice when you find balance because you get this great feeling inside. I can't even picture you exploding. I thought I only did things like that.

  4. I think balance is a wonderful goal. It is so hard to find - especially for women. Good luck:)

  5. It totally agree. It's what I'm trying to do with my life right now, find more balance. I've let parts of my life suffer because I've been so into my writing and I need to step back and find a happy medium. Thanks for posting this. I'll be quoting you in my "Day Dreamer" blog tomorrow. Step on over and take a look, if you get a chance.


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