Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Introducing: Anxiety Girl!

She's Remarkable!
She's Amazing!
She's Capable of Stressing and Obsessing!

She can take a concern and make it an emergency in a matter of three sleepless hours.

She can go from Fine to Tear-the-Hair in seconds.

Do you know something that's No Big Deal? Never Fear! Hand it over to Anxiety Girl, and she'll make it a Big Fat Deal in no time.

She's capable of worrying over everything from that kid's report on the Desert Tortoise to the bump on her cheek that may be a precancerous growth.

She can lose sleep over any matter: she's best at the sleepless money matters, but she'll handle sleepless relationship matters, sleepless vacation matters, sleepless plot/character/dialog matters and, of course, sleepless parenting matters.

Did she say something to offend someone? Well, even if she didn't, she'll fidget about it! (*Cheers from crowd*)

Is that a gray hair? Be Concerned! (*Cheers*)

Are music lesson payments really due today? Never Fear! She's been up for hours WORRYING about it! (*"Hooray!"*)

Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Anxiety Girl, brought to you by budgeting the month after Christmas.


  1. Oh my goodness, Becca, I am dying of (very empathetic) laughter. Especially since I have been up since 4:00 this morning worrying about something too. Does Anxiety Girl need a sidekick?

  2. I know Anxiety Girl well, she use to be a daily companion. I haven't seen her in a while, we experienced a falling out. It's better to just dissolve some relationships!

    If you need help getting rid of her let me know!

  3. Wow--I didn't know you knew about my secret identity....

  4. ROFL! You're hilarious, Becca. (And sadly, so accurate about my life. I literally worried until nearly 3 AM last night. Le sigh.)

  5. Yeah, my huband said I was being too anxious over the holiday. But I couldn't help it! Hotel bathrooms are gross.

  6. Opps, that should be husband. I'm a little tired. =)

  7. I am very much like Anxiety Girl. My husband is my arch enemy Indifference Man. It keeps our house balanced... if by balanced you mean me constantly worrying and glaring at him for not caring enough.....

  8. Breathe, Becca, Breathe! You should never budget in January (says the girl who just budgeted for January).

  9. Hey Becca, I have a blog called The Adventures of Anxiety Girl that talks about dealing with anxiety disorders, so I stumbled across your blog when I saw this wonderful post! Your blog is beautiful and I'm looking forward to checking out your books! Glad I found my way to your site!


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