Friday, January 8, 2010

A "Film" Suggestion, Prompted By My Visit To The Library

You know how it physically hurts when someone makes a film out of a book you adore, and the film either makes you angry*, or you walk out going, "meh,**" or you want to reach through the digitally projected images and strangle some actor/actress***?

Well, I'm here with a suggestion that hopefully won't make you feel like any of that. I was gathering a few books at the library for my upcoming vacation**** when I found a new-to-me book by Alexander McCall Smith. I think he's adorable, in an old-Scottish-white-man sort of a way. And I adore his Detective Agency books.

And now?

"The Number One Ladies' Detective Agency" is a television series made by HBO. I have no access to anything other than the free channels that magically float through the box we got on suggestion from the President, so if this is something you've been TiVo-ing or DVR-ing for a year, humor me.

Prescious Ramotswe is as gorgeous as can be. She is tender, and tough, and funny, and perfect. The title sequences are great. The acting is great. The scenery is great. The music is great. And even Husband loves it! No kidding.

I recommend Netflix, as it keeps me sane here in the frozen mountaintops - but if you have a chance in any form, get your hands on Season One. You can thank me later.
*Despereaux, anyone?
**Anything with the words Harry and Potter in the title
***Kiera Knightly as Elizabeth Bennett
****"Orgy of selfish pleasure" just sounds a little too decadent.


  1. Ooh. Thanks for the reccomend. I love me some netflix too. (What is up with the grammar in that?)
    I'm also all for strangling Kiera Knightly. I much prefer the BBC one with Colin Firth.

  2. I'm just gonna say it because somebody would and it might as well be me. I want to strangle the loser that plays Edward the Vampire. $8 bucks for the paperback is such a better use of my money vs. $8 bucks for the movie ticket.

    And I really need to read those ladies' detective books!

    By the way, just finished The Pilot's Wife. Not a bad read. But perhaps not while partaking in the miracle of human flight.

    Happy Vacation!

  3. Oooh, I love that series by Smith! (And his Isabel Dalhousie series, too.) I had no idea HBO had done anything like this...I can't wait to watch it.

    I completely agree with you about Keira Knightly. But. The guy that plays Darcy in that movie? Swoon. And I am not easily swooned.

  4. Oh do not get me started on the all kinds of wrong Kiera Knightly was in that role...~shudder~

  5. I have to say, I don't hate Kiera. I just hate her hair. You can tell it's chopped pixie short and she's wearing a wig to cover it up. I can't get past that enough to appreciate her acting skills. Though, to save face, I will admit that the long, BBC version is so much better, but I love the music in the two hour version. Wow, that was a run-on sentence. I agree with Allyson about Mr. Darcy, too. I like his really, really deep voice.

    Thanks for the recommendation, Becca!


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