Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Little Life in Bullets

Today is The Day!
(*) I have a few hours of getting-ready time, and then I spend the day on airplanes. And read books. And end up on Oahu. I must let it escape: WHEE! WOOT! WAHOO!

(*) In other news, Kid 2 received an iPod for Christmas, because her Daddy is good to her. She named this iPod "The Ship" and it tickles her fancy to plug it in to the computer and see these words: "The Ship is Synching."

(*) And this: My little Mama came to hang out yesterday, and she gave me a perm. It looks great. Mostly just wavy, and now I won't have to do my hair in Hawaii. Just shake and scrunch, you know? But. It stinks, and I am going to be in very close quarters to strangers all day. How 'bout that? Not very neighborly of me, was it?

(*) Does anyone remember how to do Algebra 2? Factoring is causing Kid 1 and me to bond over tears. If we were drinkers.... But we're not. Just criers, apparently.

(*) Got a call from the school. Among others, these words, "just wanted to warn you... when the boy comes home with his head a bloddy mess... he's fine, went back to class... no sign of concussion." Okay, then. Good news.

(*) And: "The Magician's Elephant" (by Ms. DiCamillo) only brought tears from me, because I was reading aloud*, and Kid 3, who regularly cries in pretty much any book.** Find it. You won't be disappointed. And I want to write a book with a kid named something as wonderful as Peter Augustus Duchene. Just saying.

(*) I found out that I get to play a narrator*** in "Joseph and the Amazing Techincolor Dreamcoat" in community theatre (yes. you do have to spell it that way. it's rules.) this spring. There will be 3 narrators. I (at 5'6'') will be the short one. Also the alto. I am very delighted to get to do this, and all four Kids are in the children's chorus. Fun family bonding, right? If I were a bookie (the betting kind) I would put the odds of us getting Husband near the stage at about seventeen trillion to one. Any takers?

And you? How was YOUR day?

*Don't you think it's harder to keep it all in control when you're reading aloud? I had to practice long and hard before I could read "The Polar Express" aloud on the train excursion my Kids and I volunteer on every Christmas. Years of practice. Now I'm a stone-cold emotionless Machine.
**Calvin and Hobbes, Series of Unfortunate Events, the Refrigerator Manual. (Yes. I'm lying. She hates the refrigerator manual and refuses to read it. Ever again.)
***If you're going to get a "leading" role in any theatre production, and you're not really interested in kissing someone who isn't your Husband, this is the role to get.


  1. Today's a good day. I was in 'Joseph' in High School. I was Potiphar's wife and one of Jacob's wives. That play is so stinking fun. I took my daughter to see it this summer and we LOVED it. Have fun in Hawaii and acting, Becca!

  2. Hawaii! Yay! And don't worry about the stinky hair, stinky hair is way in. I want to come see the play!

  3. Narrator!!! You go, woman! Congrats! When is the show? I want to see it if I'm there. Or I'll just crash a rehearsal. Good for you.

    And have a WONDERFUL time in Hawaii. (I know you will, but it felt nice to say it anyway.)

  4. How cool! My neighbor was narrator #1 for JTDC. She LOVED it! And it was excellent. Congrats!

  5. I am beyond jealous of your trip!
    And Algebra 2? My son is in it right now and I have already surrendered.

  6. So excited for you - but I'm going to miss you while you're gone. A lot even!

    As for the smell, just think that there are many much worse smells existing in potential on an airplane full of people and maybe you'll be doing everyone a kindness by overpowering some of the nasty ones. Plus, it's totally worth the social awkwardness for an easy hairdo.

    Have a blast!

  7. I just saw the cast list and I was totally THRILLED to see that you were one of the narrators!!!! I am thinking about possibly coming down the last weekend you guys do the show in March so I can see (almost) all of my favorite people performing again. I was in Joseph in 6th grade and I was a Hairy Ishmaelite. :) It was awesome. I got to wear a wig that made me look like Ariel. :D

  8. Have a great time in Hawaii and soak up some rays for me! Be sure to bring home a list of the great books you read and have your super talented hubby take some pics of you and the fab new hairstyle!

  9. Cant wait to read your new book!

  10. We name our vehicles (Hogwarts, Ruby, Dad's Other), and electronics including iPods. K2 is quite cute with "The Ship." At our house, iPods (Albus, Jenny and Itchy&Scratchy) used to sync with Jadis, then apparently summer came, 'cause Jadis basically gave up. We planned to sync with Jadis II, but had some connectivity issues, so now they sync with Promethius.

    Been a long time since Algebra 2, but I'd be willing to coach/mentor as needed.

    A bit of blood (or blodd) is OK. Remember dad's cammo painted bloody eyelid? "Looks a lot worse than it is!"

    K3 told me that "The Magician's Elephant" was "a little bit weird." But maybe she was talking about me...


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